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Knox County Health Department Recommends Masking and Vaccinations

The Knox County Health Department is urging residents to mask up in public places and to get the COVID-19 Vaccination if eligible to help slow the spread of the "highly contagious" COVID-19 Delta variant.

The Gamma variant, which reportedly suppressed the immune system, has also been reported in Knox County.

50 new cases of COVID-19 were reported in Knox County between July 27 and July 29.

According to the KCHD, fully vaccinated individuals may still become infected and spread the disease, but symptoms will be mild. Fully vaccinated officials who have been exposed to COVID-19 will need to wear a mask for 14 days and be tested within 3-5 days.

COVID-19 Daily Update:

New Cases: 11

*Active Cases: n/a

Total Cases: 3,960 (10%)

*Total Hospitalized: n/a

Total Deaths: 91

*Total Recovered: n/a

Total Tested: 49,931

*Fully Vaccinated: n/a

*We will update these numbers later this afternoon.

Information obtained from the Indiana State Department of Health's website.

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