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Vincennes Lincoln Memorial Bridge


We Are Knox County is dedicated to providing the highest quality of news, weather, and community events coverage; delivered with originality, authenticity and pride. 



  • 11/One Music - Thank you Haden and Randy Wachtler for their their assistance in licensing music the news music package "Techstream". You can find out more about 11/One Music by clicking here. 

  • Brian Lee- Thank you to professional voice over artist, Brian Lee, for providing WAKC News Now and We Are Knox County with voice over work. Brian Lee has provided voice over to several TV news stations across the country and has voiced promos for CBS, NBC and Nickelodeon. You can learn more about Brian Lee's voice over services by visiting his website.

  • The People of Knox County- To everyone in Knox County, thank you for the never ending support and words of encouragement! We could not do it without you! 


It was a cold, snowy morning on February 22, 2015. On that day, the Facebook page for 'Knox County News Now' was created. Over the next few months, we began posting various news stories and daily weather forecasts to our Facebook page.

In August of 2015, to show our true commitment to Knox County, we re-branded as W-A-K-C which stands for We Are Knox County. We began broadcasting 1-2 minute news and weather updates on our Facebook page. Unfortunately, the news and weather updates were not successful and those ended in late 2016. 


Over the next few years, we began remodeling our current office space. We built a state of the art news and weather studio, purchased new camera


WAKC News Now began broadcasting daily newscasts weekdays at 10:00am in March 2022.


Knox County Living streams every Friday at Noon showcasing some of the events taking place around our community. 

We're always looking for news to cover and ideas to make our product better. If you have comments, questions, or suggestions, please email us at

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