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City Councilman's Comment on Receipt Causes Residents and Mayors Office to Speak Out

UPDATE @ 2:11pm on 07/20/20- WAKC News has recieved a screenshot of Gornall’s full apology. It reads: “This post comes with an explanation and apology. My mother and I had lunch today at Mother Bears Westside in Bloomington, IN. The food was great however the service was not good. To add to my frustration the second server we had (because the first one had to leave for the day) had the phrase "Black Lives Matter" hand drawn on his face mask. I'm of the belief because of my biblical convictions for Pro-Life and that we are ALL created equal. No matter what side of the political aisle you sit. NO matter what race, gender or social background, we are ALL equal. With that said, I wrote on the bottom of my receipt #Alllivesmatter, because they do. God created us all equal. It reminds me of the billboard I saw today on highway 69 north that has Garth Brooks on it "When there's only one race and that's Mankind... We shall be free" - it truly lines up with the phrase All Lives Matter, but in this case, All Mankind Matters. It reminds me of the song I learned in Sunday school - Jesus Loves the little Children "Red and yellow, black and white we are precious in His sight" = All equal.

I also called and talked to the server tonight at 9:08p at Bears Place and we talked about why and what I put on the receipt. He understood my frustration of the service and also accepted my apology. We talked through it and offered his hand of grace. I'm also going to meet him tomorrow and give him a cash tip. He was very understanding.

With all this said I know that some folks on this social media platform will not offer me the same grace that the server did and that God does for my actions today. I can only offer my sincere apologies. My action today does not reflect in any way my ability to serve in the community and in the things I do in my personal life. It only shows my lack of sensitivity to others and their beliefs.

In closing, I'm going to "take a break" from social media for a few months and do a self evaluation and reflection after I publish this post.

*** Update: today I gave him a $25 cash tip. He was very appreciative and said it's all good.”

UPDATE @ 11:45am on 07/20/20- Ed Gornall declined to comment at this time. We are still waiting to hear back from the. Mayor‘s office.


A City Councilman's written comment on a restaurant receipt has left the community sharing their opinions and the Mayor's Office and City Council office issuing apologies.

District 2 City Councilman Ed Gornall wrote "#ALLLIVESMATTER" at the bottom of a receipt after dining at Mother Bears Pizza in Bloomington on Saturday. WAKC News has learned, the message was written at the bottom of the receipt in response to a server at the restaurant wearing a "Black Lives Matter" face mask.

A picture of the receipt was posted to the Vincennes City Council Facebook page late Saturday afternoon. The Vincennes City Council responded to the post within an hour saying this will be "addressed immediately" and that "the comments and actions of one city council member do not speak for the council as a whole".

The Vincennes Mayors Office also released a statement on their Facebook page Saturday evening stating that Gornall's actions are not condoned by the mayor's office or administration and that "they do not reflect the inclusive and diverse policies of Vincennes."

Late Saturday night, Gornall posted an apology on his 2 Facebook accounts but those posts have since been deleted.

Gornall's comment has caused residents in Vincennes to share their thoughts and opinions about the comment on social media. Some are saying that there is nothing wrong with what Gornall wrote and that he is exercising his right to free speech while others are saying what he wrote is horrible and are asking him to resign from his position.

Other City Council members have spoke out about Gornall's comment and have asked for him to resign. Marc McNeece posted a statement on Facebook Sunday saying that while Gornall exercised his right to free speech and expression, his expression showed lack of empathy and understanding as well as deafness to the civil unrest around us. McNeece ended the post by asking Gornall to step down so the community can move forward if a spirit of unity and future prosperity.

WAKC News has reached out to the Vincennes Mayors office and Ed Gornall for comment. We will update this story once we hear back.

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Gregg Daugherty
Gregg Daugherty
20 de jul. de 2020

So from what I read the Vincennes city officials don't believe that all lives matter what is wrong you. I agree with Gornall all lives do matter if you have to put a color in front of that statement maybe you are the problem. If the city officials are upset about what he wrote maybe they should resign or be replaced next election.


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