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Vincennes Pickleball Court Reopens Next Week

VINCENNES, Ind. (We Are Knox County) - Members of the Vincennes Pickleball Club and the Vincennes Parks and Recreation Department are finishing the final touches on the newly renovated pickleball courts at Gregg Park.

Club Vice President Regina Blinn says they still need to set the net posts, install the nets, and hang the windscreens. Signs will also be put up to educate players about the game and ensure fair play for everyone.

"There are only six courts at Gregg Park. We have to work together to accommodate everyone. Each person plays a game and rotates off if others are waiting," said Blinn. "It’s important for new players, guests, parents, and our youth to know what to expect in advance."

The renovation work started earlier this spring.

Last year, the non-profit club raised over $100,000 and received a $50,000 matching grant from the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority (IHCDA). The funds were used to install a new court surface and purchase new paddles, balls, and a ball machine for public use.

The grand reopening ceremony will be held on Wednesday, May 29, at 1:00 PM. According to Blinn, Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch and executive members of the IHCDA may attend the ceremony.

For more information about the Vincennes Pickleball Club or to become a member, visit their Facebook page.

Those interested in joining or making a donation to the club can also scan a QR code on one of the signs at the court.

Blinn says there are 3 courts at Four Lakes Park for players and their families to enjoy.

2 new courts will also be added to Chicago Park.

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