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#KCES19-Knox County Election Results

WAKC News is Knox County's Election Source

WAKC News is Knox County's Election Source. Here are the result's of today's election. The name of each winning candidate(s) are italicized.

Vincennes Mayor- (Total Votes: 1,950)

(R) No Candidate Filed

(D) Joe Yochum-100.0% (1,950 VOTES)

Clerk Treasurer- Vincennes (Total Votes: 2,504)

(R) Cathy Lane-58.83% (1,473 VOTES)

(D) Angela Herron-41.17% (1,037 VOTES)

Vincennes City Council District 1- Vincennes (Total Votes: 216)

(R) Brian Groves-61.57% (133 VOTES)

(D) Will Drews-38.43% (83 VOTES)

Vincennes City Council District 2- (Total Votes: 370)

(R) Eddie Gornall, III-58.65% (217 VOTES)

(D) Traci Breece- (153 VOTES)

Vincennes City Council District 3- (Total Votes: 491)

(R) John Stangle-53.77% (264 VOTES)

(D) Scott Brown- 38.70% (190 VOTES)

(L) Shane Lemler-7.54% (37 VOTES)

Vincennes City Council District 4- (Total Votes: 644)

(R) Michelle James-43.63% (281 VOTES)

(D) Dan Ravellette-56.37% (363 VOTES)

Vincennes City Council District 5- (Total Votes: 370)

(R) Ryan Lough-54.88% (439 VOTES)

(D) Vicki Reeves-45.13% (361 VOTES)

Vincennes City Council At Large [VOTE 2]- (Total Votes: 4,507)

(R) Marc McNeece-27.40% (1235 VOTES)

(R) Tim Salters-27.73% (1250 VOTES)

(D) Duane Chattin-24.74% (1115 VOTES)

(D) Shirley Rose-20.12% (907 VOTES)

Bruceville Clerk Treasurer- (Total Votes: 29)

(R) No Candidate

(D) Susan Cook-100.0% (29 VOTES)

Bruceville Town Council [VOTE 3]- (Total Votes: 160)

(R) Gregory Leland Keller, JR-15.63% (25 VOTES)

(R) Timothy Murphy-16.25% (38 VOTES)

(R) Brandon Riggle-23.75% (38 VOTES)

(D) David Cook-18.13% (29 VOTES)

(D) Howard Lanam-26.25% (42 VOTES)

Decker Clerk Treasurer- (Total Votes: 21)

(R) No Candidate

(D) Robin Cornelius-100.0% (21 VOTES)

Decker Town Council- [VOTE 3]- (Total Votes: 88)

(R) Tresa Dobson-25.00% (22 VOTES)

(R) Jay Linneweber-29.55% (26 VOTES)

(D) Patricia Doades-14.77% (13 VOTES)

(D) Scott Paul Johnson-30.68% (27 VOTES)

Edwardsport Clerk Treasurer- (Total Votes: 92)

(R) Patricia Roark-34.78% (32 VOTES)

(D) Kimberly Robbins-65.22% (60 VOTES)

Edwardsport Town Council [VOTE 3]- (Total Votes: 286)

(R) Charlie Hunt-22.38% (64 VOTES)

(R) Keith Martin-24.13% (69 VOTES)

(R) Benjamin Summers-14.69% (42 VOTES)

(D) Darrell Julian, JR-9.44% (27 VOTES)

(D) Earl Martin, JR-17.13% (49 VOTES)

(D) James Newkirk-12.24% (35 VOTES)

Monroe City Clerk Treasurer- (Total Votes: 78)

(R) No Candidate

(D) Nancee Scott-100.0% (78 VOTES)

Monroe City Town Council [VOTE 3]- (Total Votes: 286)

(R) Juan Fuller-27.62% (79 VOTES)

(R) Michael Johnson-24.13% (69 VOTES)

(R) Matt Powell-27.62% (79 VOTES)

(D) William Sampson-20.63% (59 VOTES)

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