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Equipment Failure Causes Power Outage

Several homes and businesses in Vincennes were left without power for around 4 hours Monday afternoon.

WAKC News Now reached out to Duke Energy for information about the recent power outage.

Duke Energy Representative Kurt Phegley told WAKC News Now that Duke Energy has been doing some maintenance at the substation located between Main Street and Felt King Road in Vincennes.

Phegley said Monday’s outage was due to a problem with new equipment, which resulted in a mobile substation being temporarily reconnected.

Technicians have been on site troubleshooting the problem and believe they have identified the issue, but are conducting more tests to be sure.

Residents in the area could possibly experience a temporary outage sometime Saturday or Monday while the mobile substation is taken down. Affected customers will be notified prior to the outage.

Phegley said he understands and apologizes for the inconvenience the recent outages have caused, but appreciates everyone patience.

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