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Dirty Dining: Restaurant Health Inspections for July

Establishments No Violations:

  • Bicknell Country Club-5723 N. Golf Course Rd., Bicknell

  • French Club- 322 Lawton Street, Bicknell

  • Applebee’s – 609 Kimmel Rd, Vincennes

  • Asian Market- 907 Main Street, Vincennes

  • Chilly Willy’s- 2116 N. 6th Street, Vincennes

  • Dogwood Barbeque-2232 N. 6th Street, Vincennes

  • Dot’s Custom Cakes- 101 Busseron Street, Vincennes

  • Dutch Pantry- 1925 Hart Street, Vincennes

  • FastBreak-1 Executive Blvd., Vincennes

  • Hibachi Super Buffett-2021 Hart Street, Vincennes

  • Huck’s-2816 N. 6th Street, Vincennes

  • Huck’s – 1521 Hart Street, Vincennes

  • Olde Thyme Diner- 331 Main Street, Vincennes

  • Ponderosa Steakhouse-2625 Hart Street, Vincennes

  • Taco Bell/Kentucky Fried Chicken- 2701 Hart Street, Vincennes

  • WD’s- 2021 Washington Ave., Vincennes

  • Zach’s Diner-21 N. 6th Street, Vincennes

Establishments with Violations:

  • Denny’s – 27278 N. 6th Street, Vincennes, IN

  • One non-critical violation- Physical facility shall be maintained clean at all times

Violation corrected.

  • Huck’s – 1515 Washington Ave., Vincennes, IN

  • Seven non-critical violations- hot cappuccino machine has build up, hot chocolate machine has build up, cooler has build up on bottom of cooler, freezer with ice cream has build up, pizza freezer has build up and crumbs on bottom, ice cream machine has build up around sliding door, ice cream machine has ice buildup needs defrosted.

Violations corrected.

  • Shaved Ice- N. 6th Street, Vincennes, IN

  • One non-critical violation- physical facility shall be maintained clean at all times.

Violation corrected.

  • Steak N Shake- 1277 S. Hart Street, Vincennes, IN

  • Two non-critical violations- freezer with French fries has crumbs on bottom and on the door, physical facility shall be maintained clean at all times.

Violations corrected.

  • Subway-1820 Hart Street, Vincennes, IN

  • One critical violation- Cold temperatures not at required temperature

  • One non-critical violation- hand wash sink not at required 100 degrees

Violations corrected.

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