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Vincennes Man Arrested For Impersonating Public Servant; Driving 93mph

A Vincennes man was arrested in Gibson county on multiple charges.

Around 1:00am local time Saturday morning, Indiana State Police Trooper Doug Roberts clocked a vehicle going 93mph on Highway 41.

Trooper Roberts pulled the vehicle over near Highway 41 and County Road 100 North. During the stop, the driver, 31 year old Justin McGiffen or Vincennes, displayed signs of impairment.

After failing a field sobriety test, McGiffen pulled a wallet from his pocket and displayed a gold badge.

McGiffen was transported to the Gibson County Jail where it was revealed he had a BAC of .07%.

McGiffen is charged with Impersonating a Public Servant, a Level 6 Felony; Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated, a Class C Misdemeanor and Reckless Driving; a Class C Misdemeanor.

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