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Knox County Burn Ban Extended

The Knox County Board of Commissioners have extended the county wide burn ban.

Knox County and other parts of southwestern Indiana remain "abnormally dry" to the NIDIS website.

Under the burn ban, the following has been prohibited in Knox County:

  • Campfire and other recreational fire, unless enclosed in a fire ring with dimensions of 23 inches in diameter by 6 inches high or larger.

  • Open burning of any kind using conventional fuel such as wood, or other combustible matter, with the exception of grills fueled by charcoal briquettes or propane.

  • The burning of debris, such as timber or vegetation. including such debris that result from building construction activities and/or wind storm debris.

  • The use of burn barrels for any open burning at residential structures.

The burn ban will remain in effect until repealed by the Knox County Commissioners.

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