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Daily Forecast - 12/07/21


Still cold today, but the wind won't be as strong and gusty as it was yesterday. The big question for today's forecast is "are we going to see snow?!" The answer is yes, we could see some snow later this afternoon into this evening. At the most, we could see a 1/2 inch of snow, so no need run to the store and stock up on the milk and bread, but you will want to take your time if you're traveling late tonight or early tomorrow morning as some roads and bridges could be slick.


Mostly cloudy. Flurries possible this afternoon.

High: 33°

Winds: E 5mph

Sunrise: 7:54am


Light snow showers early; becoming partly cloudy.

Accumulation: <1/2 inch

Low: 27°

Winds: 3 5mph

Sunset: 5:27pm


Wednesday: Sunny, 42°

Thursday: Mostly Cloudy, 54°

Friday: Rain/Thunderstorms, 66°

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