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COVID-19 Daily Update: 09/27/21

Knox County Population: 36,594 New Cases: 29 *Active Cases: 154 (updated 09/16/21) [0.42%] Total Cases: 5,535 [15.12%] *Total Hospitalized: 11 (updated 09/17/2021) [0.20%] Total Deaths: 104 [1.92%] *Total Recovered: 5,221 (updated on 09/17/2021) Total Tested: 19,696 [53.82%] Fully Vaccinated: 15,874 [43.37%] *WAKC News Now has made several attempts to contact the Knox County Health Department for updated numbers, but we have not heard back. We will update once we hear from them.

COVID-19 Related Information: Testing: Vaccine: Public Resources: Information obtained from ISDH COVID Dashboard and Tim Salters.

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