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COVID-19 Daily Update: 09/20/2021

Knox County Population: 36,594 New Cases: 2 *Active Cases: 154 (updated 09/16/21) [0.42%] Total Cases: 5,398 [14.75%] *Total Hospitalized: 11 (updated 09/17/2021) [0.20%] Total Deaths: 104 [1.92%] Total Recovered: 5,212 [96.55%] Total Tested: 19,465 [53.19%] Fully Vaccinated: 15,765 [43%] *WAKC News Now has reached out to the Knox County Health Department for updated numbers, but we have not heard back. We will update once we hear from them.

COVID-19 Related Information: Testing: Vaccine: Public Resources: Information obtained from ISDH COVID Dashboard and Tim Salters.

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