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Community Outraged Over Man Harassing VCSC Basketball Players

UPDATE @ 4:20pm 01/24/2022 -The person whose Facebook page we obtained the video and information from has reached out to WAKC News Now and asked to not be named in the article posted.

UPDATE @ 3:55pm 01/24/2022 - VCSC has released another statement saying that Johnson is not employed with the school disctrict and a no trespass order preventing Johnson from being present at any of their buildings:

"Please know the VCSC is aware of the situation circulating on social media involving an adult inappropriately interacting with a member of our high school basketball team outside of the VCSC premises. The adult is not employed with the VCSC in any capacity. The VCSC has issued a no trespass order for an indeterminate period preventing the adult from being present in any of our buildings or at any of our different extra-curricular events. The VCSC’s response is limited to the no trespass order due to the exchange occurring off school grounds and the adult lacking any agency relationship with the VCSC."

ORIGNAL STORY: A video circulating the internet has parents and community members outraged.

The video shows a man identified as Josh Johnson, yelling a a group of kids at Buffalo Wild Wings in Vincennes. According to the person who originally posted the video, The student's went to the restaurant to hang out and watch the football game on Sunday night when for an unknown reason, Johnson approached the boys and began yelling at the group of kids over ruining VCSC's "basketball reputation".

In the video, Johnson can be heard calling the unidentified student derogatory names before headbutting the student and threatening to "knock him out".

The video can be seen below:

WARNING: Viewer Discretion is Advised.

The video caused the Vincennes Community School Corporation to release a statement on the VCSC News Facebook page Monday morning:

"The VCSC does not condone in any shape or form intimidation or harassment directed at any of our students or staff. Failure to abide by a standard of professional conduct when it comes to our students and staff will be dealt with swiftly and succinctly with ramifications and consequences.

The VCSC is an environment for promoting the best of what we have when it comes to our students, staff and programming. The VCSC has the very best when it pertains to all three of these items and we are proud of each of these three individually and collectively.

If we cannot be positive, then we should not say anything at all."

Johnson's employer, Yochum's Chrysler Dodge Jeep and Ram in Vincennes, also released a statement Monday afternoon regarding the incident:

"To all the young men and families that were affected by the actions of one of our employees, we send our heart felt support and encouragement. We certainly do not condone this type of behavior and are dealing with this internally. We cannot control the actions of our employees when they are on their own time, but we can and will hold them accountable for their actions. As a result, the employee has been terminated effective immediately. We are big supporters of our community and our youth along with LHS sports programs and will always continue to do so. We know our community is strong and will rally together to get through this."

-John Yochum

WAKC News Now has reached out to both the person who posted the video and Josh Johnson and will update this story once we hear back.

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