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Man Who Roamed Through South Knox School Hallway Identified, Detained

The Knox County Sheriff's Department is investigating a man accused of entering South Knox High School and roaming around the halls for 5 minutes causing a Code Yellow lock down on Thursday.

According to an e-mail sent to parents by Superintendent Tim Groves, the man, who has been identified as Nicholas James Rusk, followed a construction worker into the school around 1:57pm Thursday afternoon through the bus ramp doors by the nurses office.

Security camera footage shows Rusk walking towards to school office. He then turned and went down the "senior hallway" for a few steps before turning around to head back towards the office. He then turns back around again and heads toward the "A section" of the building. He walked through that hallway before exiting out of the bus ramp doors in the middle school hallway at 2:03pm.  

On Friday afternoon, Sheriff Mike Morris confirmed that Rusk, who is reportedly a South Knox Graduate that stopped in to see the construction work, was located and detained in Daviess County pending review by the Knox county prosecutors office.

Morris said Rusk is not considered a threat at this time. 

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