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6 Arrested Following Attempted Armed Robbery

Six people, including four juveniles, were arrested around 11:00 Tuesday night in connection with an attempted armed robbery.

Vincennes police responded to the 600 block of Cullop following reports of a stabbing. Upon arrival, they found 18 year old Braxton Ikemire with several stab wounds.

Following an investigation, it was determined that Ikemire and 18 year old Steven Chambers along with 4 other juveniles attempted an armed robbery around the area of Washington Avenue and Emison Street.

According to the Vincennes Police Department, Ikemire allegedly used a handgun during the attempted robbery which let the victim to use a knife in self defense causing Ikemire's injuries.

Ikemire was taken to the hospital for treatment on his injuries then taken into police custody.

Ikemire and Chambers were booked into the Knox County Jail.

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