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Stoplight on SR67 in Bicknell to Resume Standard Operations

The Indiana Department of Transportation announces the traffic signal at State Road 67 and Alexander Street in Bicknell will resume normal operations on Monday, May 15.

In August 2016, INDOT began a traffic study to investigate the need for the signal at this location. The signal location was studied until late 2016 and initially was identified for removal. However, after reviewing the location INDOT officials took into account public concern by speaking with local residents and officials regarding this intersection.

With all of the data gathered, INDOT officials have decided to leave the traffic signal in operation for the time being and resume normal operations beginning on or around May 15. Traffic patterns will change for the motoring public. Since August the signals have been in “flash mode” allowing traffic on S.R. 67 to flow freely while traffic on Alexander was a two-way stop. In resuming normal operations, traffic on S.R. 67 will once again be controlled by the signal and will no longer free-flow at this intersection.

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