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Firefighters Battle Edwardsport Fire

UPDATED: 3:35am on 04/06/2022

Firefighters from Edwardsport, Bicknell, Freelandville and Vigo Township Fire Department as well as Sandborn and Plainville Fire Departments spent nearly 5 hours and 80,000 gallons of water extinguishing a major fire near the corner of North First Street and Albert Street in Edwardsport.

The fire was first reported around 9:30pm Tuesday night.

WAKC News Now reached out to Edwardsport Volunteer Fire Department for more information. We were told that “multiple structures” were involved in the fire, but no other information could be released at this time.

Residents in the area reported several explosions.

This is a developing story and we will update this post as we get more information.

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