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Alice Baker

Alice was born on May 16, 1919, at Alfordsville, Indiana to Daniel and Emma Harris. Alice had one older and one sister, both who preceded her in death. She proudly graduated from Alfordsville High School in 1931 and married Oral Baker on August 21, 1941, at Fort Dix, New Jersey. Oral was soon on a ship to Alaska to serve in WWII in the US Army. Soon after Oral returned from military duty they moved to Washington, Indiana where they lived together until Oral’s passing on July 3, 2001. Oral and Alice became a family of six June 21, 1944, Marilyn Kay Baker (Fellerman), April 12, 1946, Janice Lee Baker (Jines), October 21, 1950, Linda Gail Baker (Sherrill), May 9, 1957, Daniel Heath Baker. Oral and Alice were the proud grandparents of Alicia Jines-Kirk and Amanda Jines-Scarberry, daughters of Janice and Rusty Jines, James and Amie Sherrill, children of Linda and James Sherrill, Heather Rhoades, daughter of Marilyn Baker- Rhoades- Fellerman.

Alice enjoyed spending time with and sharing life with her great grandchildren: Connor, Aaron, and Ian Sherrill, children of James and Jennifer Sherrill, Gavin and Wyatt Scarberry, sons of Amanda and Dustin Scarberry, and Jillian and Clara Pierce, daughters of Amie Sherrill-Pierce and Aaron Pierce.

Alice and Oral were fully committed to raising the family in the Christian faith and served in many aspects in the Washington Free Methodist Church to which Alice’s loyalty and love remained a significant part of her life. It was one of Alice’s greatest joys to remain connected with her friends at the Free Methodist through cards and phone calls. Maintaining those relationships were some of her most memorable highlights of her days while at Mission Point in Michigan.

Alice moved to Indianapolis in fall 2015 to spend quality time with Janice and then moved to Michigan with Linda in 2016. She was a resident of Mission Point Residential Care Facility from June 2016 until her death on December 22, 2021. She had many devoted care givers at Mission Point who shared their love for her during her time in the residence. During the days between Thanksgiving and December 22 her caregivers expressed heartfelt feelings of love for and with Alice.

When speaking with mom during her final years, she frequently would say, “I just don’t know at 100, 101, 102 years of age, why the Lord wants me to stay here.” In response, I would ask, “Mom, how do you spend your time each day?” She would reply, “I just pray all day for you and the family and my friends here and at “home”. To which I replied, “Well Mom, that is exactly why He and we need you here.” Those prayers were the power support of our families and will be sorely missed.

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